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Fluctuations and Phase Transitions in Superconductors and Ferromagnets

A remarkable consequence of research on high-temperature superconductors is a new picture of superconductivity in a magnetic field. Research on the conventional superconductors led to the belief that, while the resistance might be immeasurably small, it would never be zero: While there are strong superconducting fluctuations, there is not a true superconducting phase transition in a magnetic field. New experiments and theories since 1989 led to the opposite conclusion, very often based on scaling to analyze current-voltage (I-V) characteristics.

While data should undoubtedly obey scaling if a phase transition exists, work at Maryland argues that the converse is more subtle [D. R. Strachan et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 067007 (2001)]. The work showed that standard I-V scaling is much too flexible to allow conclusions to be drawn about the presence or absence of a phase transition. Based on a new experimental criterion, it appeared that data are actually more consistent with the absence of a phase transition.

The objective of this work is to experimentally study the temperature vs. field phase diagram of type-II superconductors, to determine if there is a transition in non-zero field, and to determine the critical exponents of that transition if there is, as well as the exponents of the zero-field transition. (The exponents reported in the literature vary widely for both transitions.) The methods used include DC current-voltage (I-V) and high-frequency (45 MHz to 50 GHz) conductivity measurements on the same samples, providing independent experiments. Extreme sensitivity of DC measurements to noise, and of both measurements to sample inhomogeneity, is dealt with by improved filtering and sample characterization. In addition, the new experimental criterion proposed above is used to determine when a scaling can be properly used. It was discovered that finite-size and finite length-scale effects, due to the finite-frequency currents, are rife in these experiments (see the figure below). We have found that the static critical behavior is consistent with the 3D-XY universality class. However we find that the dynamical critical behavior is consistent with model-E dynamics, with a dynamical scaling exponent z ~ 1.5 (arXiv:0803.0969v2).

Related work has examined the critical behavior of magnetization at the ferromagnetic/paramagnetic second order phase transition in single crystal manganites (paper 73).

The intellectual merit of this work is an improved understanding of phase transitions in superconductors and in other systems. More broadly, the project will reaffirm that questioning and testing widely-accepted results is an essential part of the scientific process. Other broad impacts include continued support for training of graduate and undergraduate students.
This work is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Some relevant papers: (All papers can be downloaded from the full publication list)

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