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Ph.D., M.S., and B.S. Theses from Prof. Anlage's Group


Bisrat Addissie (Ph.D. with Prof. Antonsen, UMD), Methods for Characterizing Electromagnetic Coupling Statistics in Complex Enclosures DOI:

Seokjin Bae, Microwave Study of the Properties of Unconventional Superconducting Systems DOI:

James Booth, Novel Measurements of the Frequency Dependent Microwave Surface Impedance of Cuprate Thin Film Superconductors

Hans Georg Breunig, Investigations of Superconducting Fluctuations Through Broadband Microwave Conductivity Measurements

Lei Chen, Wave Scattering Properties in Complex Scattering Systems: Zeros and Poles of the Scattering Matrix Permanent link:

Ben Frazier, Wavefront Shaping in a Complex Reverberant Environment with a Binary Tunable Metasurface Permanent link:

Ziyuan Fu (M.S.), A Wave Chaotic Study of Quantum Graphs With Microwave Networks Permanent link:

Cougar Garcia (Ph.D. in Materials Science), Materials Characterization for Sub-Micron Superconducting Interconnects in Reciprocal Quantum Logic Circuits. Permanent link:

James Hart (Ph.D. with Ed Ott and Tom Antonsen, UMD), Scattering from Chaotic Cavities: Exploring the Random Coupling Model in the Time and Frequency Domains Permanent link:

Sameer Hemmady, A Wave-Chaotic Approach to Predicting and measuring Electromagnetic Field Quantities in Complicated Enclosures Permanent link:

Atif Imtiaz, Quantitative Materials Contrast at High Spatial Resolution With a Novel Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope Permanent link:

Philipp Jung (Ph.D. with Alexey Ustinov, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany), Nonlinear effects in superconducting quantum interference meta-atoms

J. David Kokales (M.S. 1999), Pairing-State Symmetry of Electron-Doped Cuprate Superconductors

Sheng-Chiang Lee, Measurements of Doping-Dependent Microwave Nonlinearities in High-Temperature Superconductors Permanent link:

Qin Liu (Ph.D. with Dr. Barry Horwitz at NIH), Large-Scale Neural Network Modeling: From Neuronal Microcircuits to Whole-Brain Complex Network Dynamics Permanent link:

Shukai Ma, Wave Chaos in Microwave Coupled Enclosures, Reservoir Computing, and Photonic Topological Insulator Graphs: Theory and Experiment. DOI:

Jian Mao, Study of the Electrodynamics of Cuprate Superconductors by a Novel Surface Impedance Measurement Technique

Dragos Mircea, Measurements of Doping-Dependent Microwave Nonlinear Response in Cuprate Superconductors Permanent link:

Bakhrom Oripov, Superconducting Radio Frequency Materials Science Through Near-Field Magnetic Microscopy DOI:

Michael Pambianchi, Microwave Surface Impedance Investigation of the Superconducting Proximity Effect in Superconductor/Normal-Metal Bilayer Structures

Michael Ricci, Superconducting Artificial Materials with a Negative Permittivity, a Negative Permeability, or a Negative Index of Refraction Permanent link:

Gregory Ruchti, Senior Thesis - HFSS Simulations of Near-Field Microwave Microscopes

Marc Scheffler, Broadband Microwave Surface Impedance Measurements on La-Sr-Mn-O

Paul So (Ph.D. with Ed Ott, UMD), Observing and Controlling Chaotic Systems and Wave Chaos Statistics

David Steinhauer, Quantiative Imaging of Sheet Resistance, Permittivity, and Ferroelectric Critical Phenomena with a Near-Field Scanning Microwave Microscope

Biniyam Taddese, Sensing Small Changes in a Wave Chaotic Scattering System and Enhancing Wave Focusing Using Time Reversal Mirrors Permanent link:

Tamin Tai, Measuring Electromagnetic Properties of Superconductors in High and Localized RF Magnetic Field Permanent link:

Ashfaq Thanawalla, Near-Field Microwave Microscopy of Superconducting Microstrip Resonators

Melissa Trepanier, Tunable Nonlinear Superconducting Metamaterials: Experiment and Simulation Permanent link:

Bo Xiao, Wave Chaos Studies and The Realization of Photonic Topological Insulators Permanent link:

Hua Xu, Critical Behavior of Superconductors and Electrical Transport Properties of Carbon Nanotube Thin Films Permanent link:

Jiang (Roger) Xu (Ph.D. with Drs. Jeff H. Duyn and Peter van Gelderen at NIH), Quantitative Study of Longitudinal Relaxation (T1) Contrast Mechanisms in Barin MRI Permanent link:

Jen-Hao Yeh, Wave Chaotic Experiments and Models for Complicated Wave Scattering Systems Permanent link:

Daimeng Zhang, Radio Frequency Superconducting Quantum Interference Device Meta-Atoms and Metamaterials: Experiment, Theory and Analysis Permanent link:

Xing (Henry) Zheng (Ph.D. with Ed Ott, UMD), Statistics of Impedance and Scattering Matrices in Chaotic Microwave Cavities: The Random Coupling Model Permanent link:

Min Zhou, Nonlinear Wave Chaos and the Random Coupling Model Permanent link:

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