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Quantum / Wave Chaos

There is great interest in the quantum/wave properties of systems that show chaos in the classical (short wavelength, or ray) limit. These wave chaotic systems appear in many contexts: nuclear physics, acoustics, two-dimensional quantum dots, and electromagnetic enclosures. Random matrix theory has been widely used to understand the universal properties of these systems through the statistical description of their eigenvalues, eigenfunctions, and scattering matrices.

We have developed a simple experiment to study the wave chaos properties of a microwave resonator that has the shape of a quarter "bow-tie" as shown in Fig. 1. The shape is such that the corresponding ray trajectories are chaotic and all periodic ray trajectories are unstable. The eigenvalue spectrum is determined using transmission (S12) measurements, and the eigenfunctions are imaged by means of a scanned perturbation technique.

Fig. 1 Eigenmode image of the 1/4-bow-tie wave-chaotic resonator.

We have extended our understanding of quantum/wave chaotic systems by providing experimental evidence for the universality of the complex impedance and scattering matrices of such systems in accordance with the newly developed Random Coupling Model (RCM). The RCM is a stochastic model based upon the a-priori knowledge of the statistical properties of the chaotic eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the system, and is capable of incorporating both the universal fluctuations in the impedance of such enclosures, as well as non-universal quantities that are specific to a given geometry and coupling mechanisms. The statistical properties of the impedance and scattering matrices can be related to transport properties of mesoscopic systems, for example.

We have taken this work in a new direction to investigate the role of chaos on time-reversal properties of the wave equation. Our initial work investigates basic properties of a simple one-recording channel time-reversal mirror for electromagnetic waves. We have also developed a new sensor paradigm that exploits time-reversal symmetry, spatial reciprocity, and chaotic scattering of waves to very sensitively measure small perturbations to a scattering environment (see our movie on YouTube). Biniyam Taddese won first place in the 2008 'Focusing Research on Entrepreneurial Empowerment' symposium for this work (see his Applied Physics Letter).

This work is done in collaboration with Profs. Ed Ott and Tom Antonsen of the University of Maryland and is supported by the ONR and AFOSR MURI and DURIP programs.

Prof. Anlage talk: "Experimental Investigation of Universal Fluctuations in Quantum/Wave Chaotic Scattering Systems"

Prof. Anlage's talk at the Experimental Chaos Conference, Lille, France.

Graduate student Sameer Hemmady has won the GSNP Student Speaker Award at the 2006 APS March Meeting.

Here is a link to the Random Coupling Model web site.

See the related page on Time-Reversed Wave Propagation

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